Friday, November 12, 2010

Insuring a Sale Horse

Insuring a Sale Horse
When purchasing a horse from an auction, the buyer immediately becomes the owner when the gavel falls. Conni Peters of Roger Peters Livestonck Insurer recommends you insure your investment BEFORE loading it into the trailer. 

"Once your horse is in transit", says Conni "you can not insure it mid-trip" The coverage is full mortality and theft, which insures your horse from death or humane destruction due to any health reasons, or accidental reasons such as colic, broken limb, trailer accident or theft. You wouldn't buy a $10,000 car and drive off the lot without coverage. Buying a horse is the same. Accredited sale horses are vet checked prior to going thru the sale ring, any issues found by the veterinarian will be disclosed prior to the sale. Any pre-existing conditions will have a possible exclusion, depending on exactly what they are. 

"Insuring your horse is a simple phone call away" Conni ads, " we will place a verbal binder on the horse over the phone, mail, fax or email you an application. Then all you need to do is complete the application and mail it to our office with your annual premium within 7 days of the date of binder"

Roger Peters Insurance has insured horses for over 35 years, and can be reached Monday - Friday at 1.800.229.8664 or 712.253.3842 weekends.